Show season 2021 is under way and we've adding more dirt to the arena and had some good shows. Let's keep it going. Good Luck to all exhibitors.  Points from the first 2 shows are posted under their corresponding points link. At the end of show season will post the finalize points standings under the year end awards. 

 We will be continuing the flag ceremony before each show along with singing the national anthem. If anyone is interested in doing either please contact  Alexis Ayers. 

Show programs HAVE been updated and posted. We will be accepting pre-registration by emailing and will be accepting them until the Thursday before each show by 9pm. The day of the show just check in at the office to make sure we have received your entries and confirm payment. You will NOT be entered in any classes for the day if you do not check in at the office the day of the show.  

Show Dates:

May 15 Performance Judge: Jeff Steer & May 16 Gymhkana, June 12 Performance Judge Jeff Elthorp & June 13 Gymhkana, July 10 Performace Judge Jennifer Sawyer & July 11 Gyhmhkana, August 14 Performance Judge April Winslow-Coonrad & August 15 Gymhkana

Performance Silvershow Sept 12 Judge Maggie Johnson

Gymhkana Slivershow Sept 19.

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