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Maine Mavericks is a membership based club. In order to ride at our club shows, you must sign up to be a member.  As a member, you are eligible for year-end awards when you attend two or more club shows and fulfill a two-hour work requirement. The work requirement must be completed before the conclusion of the club shows. 


We offer numerous opportunities to fulfil the work requirement. You can attend a work-bee the Wednesday before a club show or volunteer during a show to assist with the many positions it takes to run a show.  We also offer a scholarship program to our members, to qualify you must be a member in good standing for at least three years. 


Any questions about membership can be directed to Dianne Lindeborn

(607) 760-6620. 


New  Membership

  • $25/year, Individual

  • $30/year, Family 

Renewal Memberships

  • $20/year, Individual

  • $25/year, Family


Late Renewal MembershipsMemberships paid after February 28th.

  • $30/year, Individual

  • $35/year, Family

** To qualify for a family membership, all members must live at the same address. 


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