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Show Rules

  • A Rider's age as of January 1st will determine what age group the rider will compete in for the remainder of the year. However, if a rider's upcoming birthday would put him/her in the next age group they may elect to move up to the next age group. They must ride in the same age group all year and must choose this group at the first show they compete in. 

  • Member dues are payable on January 1st. Dues will be accepted through the last day of February each year with no late fee. Memberships paid after that date will be considered late and a $10 late fee will be applied. New memberships will be accepted at shows. Memberships (new or renewals) must be paid before the start of the show for points to be counted.

  • Anyone riding in lead-line, walk/trot or beginner classes may not ride in any other division. 

  • A horse may be ridden by different people in the same "event" but not in the same age group division. 

  • The north end of the arena is the holding area for horses. Parking of vehicles and the presence of same children in this area is forbidden. 

  • Running of horses expect in the designated warm-up areas is forbidden. Warm up areas are located near the holding area and at the south end of the arena. 

  • AQHA rules are used as a guideline. Maine Mavericks reserves the right to amend rules to fit the club's needs.

  • The Broome County Fair Board has ruled that we can only use the arena for Maine Mavericks sanctioned events. Any member found abusing this privilege will be suspended for one year. 

  • If a rider becomes separated from their horse (unseated, falls off) during an event that does not require a dismount, the rider is automatically disqualified. 

  • If tack breaks during an event, the rider is automatically disqualified unless the ride can be completed without stopping to repair or replace tack. 

  • Anyone found indulging in excessive drinking or found to be using unacceptable language during an event will be disqualified from the event and/or asked to leave the grounds. This is to be determined by at least three board members.

  • Any throwing of equipment during any event will result in disqualification. 

  • In Gymkhana events, entering the arena at a run will be allowed as follows: the horse cannot commence running until his shoulder passes the first post of the entrance chute. Running before entering the chute will result in disqualification. Announcer, timers, official gateman or board of directors will make this determination. 

  • In any gymkhana event is that D'd, knocking down an obstacle will be an automatic disqualification. 

  • In classes which require individual performance or individual runs: i.e. barrels, poles, trail, reining, etc., the entry will have two minutes to enter the arena and begin their run after being called by the announcer. If the individual performance is not begun within the two minute time limit, the entry will be disqualified. 

  • Gymkhana events: A knockdown of an obstacle will result in a 5 second penalty per obstacle. (this does not apply to NBHA sanctioned runs). This does not apply to the Can Race Event- in this event all four cans must be knocked clear to qualify for time.

  • When two horses are ridden by the same rider in events where this is possible, the rider must state at the beginning of the club show which horse is to be pointed. If this is not specified, the first horse ridden will be pointed.

  • Stallions are prohibited in all youth classes. No one under 16 may ride a stallion in either club shows or open shows. 

  • For the safety of all, horses must be tied to trailers or in pole barns on ropes no longer than approximately 3 feet in length. They may not be tied to objects such as chairs, bleachers, picnic tables, etc. 

  • Horses known to kick must display a red ribbon in their tail. 

  • Cruelty to a horse will result in disqualification, forfeiture of points with no refund in entry fees and/or expulsion from the grounds. Cruelty may include but is not limited to: striking the horse over the head, excessive yanking or pulling on the bit, excessive striking of the horses or excessive spurring. Any show of blood on the horse will be an automatic disqualification. Cruelty may be determined by at least three board members in attendance. 

  • A parent or guardian must accompany anyone under 17 years of age to a show.

  • All dogs must be on a leash and the leash must be attached to a handler.

  • Every participant using the grounds (showing from their trailers) and/or pole barns must clean up after their horses. Muck buckets and pitchforks will be available at the show booth. A manure pit has bee erected for disposal of manure and hay. 

  • All ties will be broken by the judge with a ride-ff. Leaving the grounds before breaking of the tie will be an automatic forfeiture. Gymkhana ties will be broken by a run off in the figure 8 class. 

  • The judges decision is final.

  • Dess-Code

    • English & Western attire auitable for each division is expected. ​

    • Helmets must be would by all riders under 18 years of age.

    • Jackets must be worn by English Riders unless excused by the judge. 

    • Each rider must have boots with a heel.

    • For gymkhana, no tank or tube tops, all shirts must have some type of sleeve. 

    • The Silver Shows will have their own dress codes. 

  • Club Shows- Points are accumulated on the rider, except for Halter, Lunge-Line, Snaffle Bit Classes, where the points are accumulated on a specific horse. 

  • To qualify for a Year-End Award, ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST earn a minimum of one point, showed at two club shows and have worked at a scheduled work day or at a show. Participants must sign in at the show booth and in general are expected to work for approximately 2 hours. Adults cannot work in place of children. Lead-liners are not required to work. 

  • Open Shows- Points are on the horse only for open classes. Youth points are on horse/rider combination. 

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